Jorge Mario Bergoglio, also known by his cultist name Pope Francis, is a scam artist with a funny hat. He was born in Argentina and is of Italian descent. He lives in a big ass palace in his enclave surrounded by Italy while preaching about modesty and charity. He occasionally fucks children, but he fucks TJ more than anyone. He also hates free speech and criticism, but furries are great in his book. It is a well-known fact that Pope Francis is actually Ben in disguise.


  • He is the first Jesuit Pope, and is plotting to murder the beautiful maiden known as Gail Chord Schuler.
  • Scotty Cena is the true pope.
  • He has a chemistry math degree.
  • He as admitted that he believes in climate change. In response to this, every idiotic conservative Catholic backpedaled on their belief on the Pope in politics, now saying that he should never talk about it. It's still okay for him to hate faggots though.
  • He is the successor to Great Pope Rat, one of Ben's alter egos.


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