Pekka-Eric Auvinen (also known as Sturmgeist89 and NaturalSelector89) was Himmler's great-grandson a Finnish school shooter TJ was in brief contact with. TJ tried to warn the people of him being dangerous but no one listened, dismissing TJ's warnings as bullying. He ended up shooting and killing 8 people, including his principal.
File:I Knew This Would Happen
Wired released a story about TJ and Pekka titled "Youtuber warned of Finnish gunman in June, but no one listened."

Auvinen also attempted to burn down his school, but couldn't figure out why the diesel he had poured all over the school walls would not burn. He even somehow managed to fuck up blowing his own brains out properly, and only died later in the hospital. Truly the evolution's finest.


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