Opie and Anthony are two hosts of a mediocre radio show called The Opie and Anthony Show.


Contrary to popular belief, their show was mainly based around comedy and not conservative politics. The show did have great moments when they were shooting the shit with great comics, such as Bill Burr, Louis CK, Jim Jefferies, Rich Vos, Bobby Kelly, Collin Quinn, Patrice O'Neal (R.I.P), and Otto Petersen.


On July 4, 2014, Sirus XM fired Anthony. One month later, Anthony started "The Anthony Cumia Show", a subcription-only podcast.

On Drunken Peasants

Anthony went on a hateful twitter rant after being assaulted in Times Square by a woman he had photographed. He said in his tweets that he hopes the woman is killed and that he should be applauded and viewed as a good guy for not killing her, as he had a gun but didn't use it as he's not an "illegal savage".

On Amazing Atheist

TJ made a video in which he pwned Anthony and Jimmy.


  • "The Drunken Peasants is my favorite podcast. That Amazing Atheist fellow is real fawkin talented or sumptin. Tss tss"
  • "Teh Drunkin Pesents iz mY teh greates! APREL FHALLS!"


  • Anthony is Devon Tracey in disguise.
  • The fans of this show are as stupid as the hosts. On the shows sub-Reddit, fans discuss TJ by bringing up his weight and banana photos instead of addressing his points.
  • Anthony inspired Hugo and Jake to become racists.
  • Both Bill Burr and Tim Black have called out Anthony on his racism.
  • Following TJ's video of them, Opie and Anthony invited him over to talk on the show. TJ stated he was willing to go on if they paid for his travel to New York. They didn't, so TJ never went on.
  • After TJ refused to go on their dumb fuck show and talk shit like that, Opie, Anthony, and Jimmy briefly discussed him on air. They made it very clear that they thought he was an asshole, made fun of his usage of the word "pwned", and called him a fat fuck. They didn't mention him by name because the incompetent comedian, Jim Norton, didn't want to give him any attention.
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