Ohio, also known as The Frigid Armpit of America by the Drunken Peasants, is a Midwestern US state Islamic caliphate located suspiciously close to Canada. The largest city and capital is Columbus.

It formerly contained many cities, but Columbus declared war on the others and bombed them out of existence. Ohio is known to harbor at least three liberal commies. The cities are full of cool and hip black people and everywhere else is full of super lame white people (what a shitty fucking state).


Columbus, Ohio is where the Drunken Peasants used to reside. The Drunken Peasants mention it occasionally. They also reviewed a video of some crazy feminist going insane in downtown Columbus. The Peasants' old studio is at the corner of Pan Street and John Cena Boulevard.

The city is named after Christopher Columbus, an Italian who sailed for Spain American hero who discovered America and definitely didn't slaughter Injuns. According to stats, the demographics of the city are about 60% white folk, 30% black, and 10% other shit.

A notable tragedy took place in this humble city known as 'AnitaGate', where a vulnerable, young woman was photogenically raped by a flying monkey of The Patriarchy in a game cafe.

Residents of Ohio



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