The Nukkake (Also known as the Jizz bomb) is a Weapon of Mass Destruction invented by the Jesuit Order. It is a nuclear warhead loaded with semen. It can bukkake entire cities with a single blast. At this time, it is unknown how many are in their possession.

2011 Bombing of Ontario

According to Gail Schuler, in December 2011 the Jesuits launched an attack on the shitty nation of Canada. Most of Canada was Bukakked[1]. Brent Spiner and Terrence Jenkins almost died in a pool of sperm and AIDS. The smell was so terrible the populace had to wear hazmat suits for weeks. Thousands of innocent Canadians drowned in the milky blast. Entire cities were covered in a noxious yellow crust. Mounties had to chisel through feet of died semen to rescue survivors. Every woman in Canada was impregnated by Jesuit semen. Many, including Briana Jenkins-Schuler, chose to get abortions. It took weeks until international aide was able to give the nation enough spermicide to clean the populace and help the nation recover from the tragedy.


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