Not Productive is a like father like son scam situation side project initially created by TJ Kirk to be a video review website much like Channel Awesome, but actually cooler. It was basically intended to be the badass alternative to Channel Awesome. TJ raised $20,000 to make Not Productive a reality and it ended up living up to its name.

Notable contributors include The Investigamer and Kieran T.


Originally envisioned as a video hosting site that TJ could generate revenue from, Not Productive began development in August 2011, and quickly fell into development hell due to inept, lazy-ass web designers.

TJ attempted set up YouTube Reviewer, YourMovieSucksDOTorg as the main attraction of the website, but after YMS ditched Not Productive after TJ made him popular, the website began to show signs of failure. Not Productive also did not generate enough traffic, and could not compete with other video hosting sites.


Investigamer has expressed interest in obtaining lordship over Not Productive so he can manage the site and achieve the initial vision TJ had for the project. It is likely the site may be revived as a review/ranting website with no censorship unlike the pussy-ass bitch known as Channel Awesome. There was also a small possibility that The Rageaholic would be on the site. The Investigamer just needs TJ to get off his ass so they can put a plan together.

The Scam Situation

Learning about the failure of Not Productive, Brett "The Whistle blower" Keane cracked the case and laid out the facts to the Drunken Peasants about how Not Productive was really just a front for TJ to steal money from people and scam folks. His proof was that since TJ's dad was a deadbeat scam artist individual, suggesting that all his offspring, including TJ, were also inherently deadbeat scammer individuals.


  • Though the website is dead, Not Productive still exists as a YouTube channel with over 20,000 subscribers.
  • Not Productive as well as FreeSpeechVids are huge sources of criticism TJ haters have of TJ, saying he "stole" money.
  • Not Productive is the spiritual successor to FreeSpeechVids.
  • Investigamer plans to reboot Not Productive.[Citation Needed]

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