Nancy Grace is an bitchy host on HLN who hates weed. She is known to present factual information regarding the danger of pan. She might does not have the facts to back this up, but would a conservative ever lie to you? Of course not, they are too fair and balanced for that.


Grace was a former criminal prosecutor and had excellent results in the courtroom. (That's not a joke, either. She legitimately was very successful as a prosecutor. Sleep tight, potheads.) She is one of the most despised conservatives in the eyes of the Drunken Peasants, primarily due to her extreme stance on drug legality.


  • She mocked a woman named Melinda Duckett on national television. Duckett killed herself the next day.[1]
  • She is the biggest cuntservative.
  • TJ needs a 24-hour notice before listening to or looking at this intellectually bankrupt fuckwit.


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