The Music Breaks are a DP segment taking place between the show where the Drunken Peasants play music and do whatever the fuck they want for a little while. Breaks often last about 7-8 minutes, but sometimes they can last up to 13-30 minutes.

Music played is usually Sex Twister and other music sent to them. Berserkyd's music was played earlier in the show's history. The peasants sometimes play fan art or pictures of their fans in DP merchandise on a slideshow during the breaks.


  • They usually occur after an hour and a half. They were on a hiatus but have recently made a return, including a new bumper.
  • Earlier episodes often had one or more break to compensate for the longer runtime. Breaks are now used mostly in case of technical issues, or possibly when TJ and Paul have a French vanilla situation.
  • The entire original soundtrack can be found below:
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