Mr.NaughtyPriest is YouTuber and generous supporter of the Drunken Peasants Podcast. He donated hundreds of dollar via toxichat with the same request every time: get Paul to post his dick on PornHub.


No one knows who Mr.NaughtyPriest is or where he lives, but assuming his obsession with Paul’s dick, he might be a stalker waiting to kidnap and rape him. Nearly every show he begs Paul to put his dick on PornHub. Paul himself stated it would take one million dollars in one donation to put his dick on the website. His donations came less and less frequently until the Peasant Schism occurred in 2017. His last known donation was made during Ben’s attempt to revive the Drunken Peasants Podcast without TJ’s knowing. Some say NaughtyPriest had medical finances to deal with or is just flat out broke, but he will die happily knowing one day that he can see Paul’sEgo’s dick in a video on the PornHub website.

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