Monica is the supposedly-real girlfriend of TJ's supposed brother. She hails from the great nation of Soviet Canukistan.


Monica has never appeared on camera, and Scotty has said that she does not like to be mentioned on Drunken Peasants. Despite this, asking Scotty whether he got permission from Monica to do something is a recent inside joke on the show now.

Her relationship with Scotty has resulted in him developing severe Pussy Whipped Syndrome, resulting in his infrequent absence, thus causing mass hysteria in the chat (when it's open). Also, she infected Scotty with Canadaism.

Monica and Scotty's relationship is so strong he stops acting a pungent self-entitled dick rider when he hears her name, his PTSD (Pussy Traumatic Stress Disorder) kicks in as he tries to act as these jokes don't hurt him, and the Monica won't either! Monica has a notched whip she calls the Scoopy Slasher, and she uses it to make Scotty get In his cage. If Scotty goes into his triggered state for too long he will unleash Monica, and she will attack TJ, Scotty is too much of a bitch to do it alone.

Him and His true love trapped in the same body, sadly fighting with everyone around him as he has another life, and a family but will never realize it! It has gotten so bad that TJ and Ben try to intervene, but Scotty is so much of an ass, he defends her!

Monica loves eggs, she loves the colors, the textures ,and even the name. She has an Egg Shaped Dildo, and fucks here "Pussy" with it screaming "EGGS BITCH". A Huge fan of Cena, she named her Son Scotty Cena, and left a message in a doll to Scotty, that she will win. Lately Scotty has been suppressing her and she will some exist no more!


  • She once had an affair with Muhammad that lasted several months.
  • She's a kike, because of course she is.
  • She had an orgy with the Harlem Globetrotters.
  • She shoves Eggs up her ass.
  • She has a penis.
  • Scoopy has a picture of her on FrendLife.
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