"All white people are racist. All men are misogynistic. All cis-gendered people are trans-phobic. All members of the majority are biased against the members of the minority or oppressed group."
- Milo Stewart's most stunningly brilliant words
Milo Stewart (coined as the Transgender Bigot by the Amazing Atheist) is an SJW Youtuber who posts videos about Social Justice, Feminism and other gender-related bullshit. Milo Stewart rose to prominence after perpetuating stupid nonsensical statements such as "all white people are racist, all men are misogynistic, all cis-gender people are trans-phobic" and "all members of the minority are oppressed by the majority." Following her statement, Stewart received subsequent backlash from the anti-SJW mob. Unlike the stereotypical feminists and SJWs, Stewart appears to be more calm, tolerant, and forgiving, having kept its his YouTube comments and ratings open, seemingly unaffected by the hate mail and insulting comments it he gets bombarded with. Milo sexually identifies as a 'Non-Binary" but prefers the pronoun 'he'.

Amazing Atheist

TJ Kirk (the Amazing Atheist) posted a video responding to Stewart titled "Transgender Bigot's hate speech" in which he ridicules and criticizes Stewart in an attempt to circumvent the backlash Kirk received from banning some retard named Mr. Saigo or some shit.

Kirk later discovers that Stewart desires to have a penis through evidence by the caption on Stewart's own YouTube intro that reads "Snip Snoop it's Miloop", of which Kirk interprets it as "Snip Sneanis I wish I had a Penis." Following the revelation that Stewart desires to have a penis, Kirk subsequently comforts Stewart by telling it him to "don't feel bad" before admitting that "I barely have one either".

Stewart indicated that he had been experiencing severe flooding in his hometown, motivating Kirk to investigate the cause of such flooding. Kirk arrived at the inevitable conclusion that it was in fact God who decided to punish Stewart by initiating a flood in his hometown in order to wash him into the ocean after he had previously referred to himself as a "q*eer" in his Google Plus and YouTube profile description. Further analysis also lead Kirk to determine that God found Stewart’s use of asterisks (*) to be profane and had thus selected him for destruction.

Political and Ideological Views

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Stewart openly identifies as an "SJW feminist transgender queer". He also doesn't seem to express any regret calling himself a communist socialist. She proudly supports black supremacists like Gazi Kodzo.


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