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The Middle East (aka Sand nigger-stan) is a region in Asia and Africa about like 204 miles away from America. The Middle East is where the religions of Iswrong, Christianity, and Judaism started ripped off Zoroastrianism. Sand niggers inhabit these lands. The capital of the Middle East is actually called Islamisbad, so it seems even those stupid fuckers know deep down that they're shitty people.

List of Middle Eastern Countries


  • The Middle East is the most peaceful region on the face of the planet.
  • Scotty has visited the Middle East when he joined the religion of Iswrong.
  • Imagine Wolfenstein: The New Order but with no cool new technology but ragheads instead of Nazis.
  • It is believed that Harrison Ford is the almighty leader of the Middle East, and that his decision of killing Han Solo was the first step to bringing Sharia Law to all the Western nations.
  • Bush Did 9/11 without getting 9/11's consent first, therefore it's rape
  • Many countries in the middle east are theocracies, once again proving that if religion was ingrained into government, it will totally work out.
  • ISIS also dwell in this desert shithole


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