Michigan, also known as Michiganistan, is a state in America, though it is basically a third world country. It is famous for being home to the most abject failures in existence, as well as the demigod Ryan Wiley. Michigan is most notable as being a fucking piece of shit regardless of one's location, resulting in many of them retreating into the woods or the upper peninsula. Michigan's proximity to Canada may contribute to Michigan's overall shittiness.  The capital of Michigan is Pansing, and the largest city is Detroitistan.

Nuke Michigan Campaign

A campaign by the Drunken Peasants which goal is to bomb the state of Michigan with a nuclear device. The Peasants started the campaign after seeing a lot of shitty things coming from the state, most notably Ryan Wiley, ICP, Kid Rock, black people, and The Bible Reloaded.


On Episode 214 of the Drunken Peasants Podcast, Benpai suggested that in stead of building a wall along the Mexican border, Donald Trump should build walls along both of Michigan's land borders and allow Michigan to become a separate country. The name of this hypothetical nation would be Michiganistan, and Michiganders would instead be called Michiganis. Citizens of Michiganistan would be allowed to visit the United States, though they would have to come by boat after the land borders were closed. It was also suggested that Canada may attempt to reclaim Michigan, which was once Canadian territory. However, this is unlikely due to Michigan being completely filled with shit.

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