Mexico is a nation in South North America. Mexico is where illegal aliens and cocaine come from, also burritos, tacos, and enchiladas. The capital is Mexico DP (Distrito de Pano). Languages spoken in Mexico are Spanish and Mexican.

Mexicans have a collective national vendetta against Wild Bill due to his constant exposure of their plans to destroy the United States. President Donald Trump has expressed a certain concern for Mexicans crossing the U.S. border and has announced his groundbreaking plan to build a wall, which would end Mexico's communist influence on America once and for all.

Pan Smoking

Pan is mandatory in Mexico, as a lot of pan is grown here and put in a lot of food. Cocaine is also put in most of their coffee so they can cross the border and destroy the entirety of America from the world.


Several times on the show, TJ and Scotty have discussed their plans to secure the border. Their first priority is to nuke Mexico, but if that plan is unable to be completed, they will install machine gun turrets every two feet on the border.

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