The Messianic Manic is an atheist YouTuber who makes short videos decimating retarded God-Believers. He has a bachelor's degree in philosophy of feminism (Which explains how he doesn't know the difference between fatalism and determinism as he never corrected Rationality Rules when he goofed it up and can't correctly apply an appeal to authority fallacy) and is a fan of industrial music. His favorite bands include KMFDM, Nine Inch Nails, and Rammstein.

He has responded to a few Drunken Peasants antagonists, including WretchedPrager University, and Ray Cumfart to name a few. 

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His Channel

He was inspired to make videos by watching TheoreticalBullshit, Aron Ra, and DPRjones. He largely responds to theological and philosophical arguments for God, though he sometimes responds to creationist schlock too. His channel currently has approximately 30,000 subscribers.

His Dormant Review Channel

Messianic Manic has an old-ish YouTube channel wherein he would review music by some of his favorite artists called GothicNostalgia. Though he hasn't uploaded in a long time, he plans to return to it and upload something. 


  • He self identifies as an igtheist, as well as atheist.
  •  The origin of his name actually comes from a phrase from KMFDM's 1997 song "Megalomaniac" from the album, "Symbols".
  • Messianic Manic' appears on camera in roughly 35-40% of his videos.

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