Template:Infobox religionMen's Rights Activists (Or MRAs for short) are people who want to bring light to many issues faced by boys and men (oh the horror!). They have close ties to meninism, but are less satirical. These are not to be confused with MGTOWS, which most feminists seem to confuse for MRAs as they tend not to get outside much.

They bring much hatred from feminists but not for things they have actually done or said but instead simply suggesting men might be even slightly disadvantaged in society. Think of them as the satanists of feminism.

Many feminists think TJ is a MRA mostly because they never watched a single video of his.


"We're going to make RAPE a breakfast cereal! Mwuahahaha!" - TJ's impression of how many feminists see meninism.

Meninism is an ideology that seeks to put women in their rightful place. It is similar to Mens' Rights Activism, but it is distinct because MRAs are moderate pussies. Meninists mainly seek to enact mandatory female circumcision, to end women's suffrage, and legalize female slavery. Ben, TJ, Scotty, Mr. Repzion, and Scotty Cena are all devout Meninists.

In actuality, meninism is an attempt to point out the hypocrisy of feminism. Instead of doing that, it has succeeded in making feminists bitch even more as some haven't even realized it's not a legit thing, as well as threatening violence on Twitter[1] and IRL[2]. Hmm... that sounds like something a certain feminist whines about on the daily.




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