Not to be confused with The Hot One

Megan Fox Creationist is a fucking scientific genius with an IQ of 6000 (the true age of the earth). In fact, her knowledge of the universe is so concrete, it's as if God himself titty-fucked her. She is a hard-working mother who homeschools her children so that they can see past the lies of evilution and the mountain of evidence which is probably just horseshit concocted to dismiss the beauty of creation.

Recently, a music video starring Megan has appeared on the internet:


Megan first appeared on DP in Episode 58 in her most famous video where she filmed herself auditing the Chicago Field Museum and refuted the various lies and stoner propaganda on display, demanding some evidence while ignoring some other exhibits which probably wouldn't shed any light.

She appeared again in Episode 62 when she visited Chicago Brookfield Zoo and wondered why the hell the zoo is so interested in promoting water conservation. Exactly! What the fuck is so important about preserving the numbers of the very wild animals that live in that zoo? Who needs water when you have money!? Obviously this is nothing more than attempt by the left to do, uh, well, something?


  • She doesn't believe in the existence of dinosaurs, but believes they're actually dragons.
  • Her voice makes Tiny Tim's falsetto sound like Peter Steele.
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