Mark Shouldice is a disingenuous well-informed and inept successful media analyst and quality content creator on YouTube. Two of his videos were featured on the Drunken Peasants. "His main source of information is the extremely accurate TMZ" Is what the liberal lunatics assume when they get triggered by the facts, well; he's reporting FACTS. Just another pitiful attempt to discredit a genuine reporter. Try harder crybabies.

He likes to make fun of the liberal lunatics who put themselves on a pedestal but don't realize they're the laughing stock of the country because they're walking contradictions.


  • If you throw a dice there's a 100% chance that number the dice lands on will be higher than Mark Dice's IQ.
  • He offered to trade a gold and silver coin valued at over a thousand dollars each in exchange for ridiculously low prices. Many zombies were skeptical, so he even performed the experiment in front of a coin shop to verify the authenticity. Sadly, everyone proved to be a zombie and refused his offer because of they're lack of knowledge pertaining to precious metals.
  • He has also been arrested for pushing the boundaries of our society in order to demonstrate the willingness of zombies to cooperate with figures of authority, even when no proof of authority was shown.
  • He knows many people in the music industry are Illuminati puppets and provides compelling evidence to back his statements.
  • Mark has incredibly persuaded zombies into signing petitions for outrageous causes, such as shutting down the 1st amendment and protecting Sasquatches under the endangered species act.
  • Mark Dice likes to bash celebrities like BTS and Justin Bieber for no logical reason, but he whines when someone disses Trump.
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