Template:Infobox religion MGTOW or Men Going Their Own Way is a celibacy movement. MGTOWs refuse to have relationships with women in response to the unfair responsibilities placed upon them by society. Members of the movement claim they want to be independent, or live a zen lifestyle, but we know what it really means.

This movement has been tied to Christianity from the very beginning, both being founded by Jesus Christ himself.


The MGTOW movement was founded by some ancient faggot after being rejected by a woman. Since then, it has been followed by men who were never going to get laid anyway.


Stephanie Manure is an alleged MGTOW. One can see why, as he also seems to blame all the world's problems on women.


  • A lot of people compare it to feminism.
  • MGTOWs claim that Jesus was a MGTOW, but this is not true, as Jesus was fucking Mary Magdalene every night.
  • MGTOWs are actually pretty nice, because they lower amount of men available, which lowers amount of options women have, which increases the odds of non-MGTOW men getting laid.


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