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Livelife8072 is an American atheist YouTuber who challenged TJ to call a mass shooting a hate crime. He is a host of another atheist-based podcast called The Skeptic Fence Show.

His channel got a shoutout from TJ many years ago, in a Duck Dynasty video TJ made, so he's also a dirty traitorous worm who should be castrated.


In episode 145, Livelife8072 labelled TJ; the most offensive, insensitive atheist on the internet, an SJW. He also appeared as a guest in the early days of DP, but no one knows when, not this wiki nor even the hosts themselves.

On episode 199, he claimed that Kyle Kulinski is anti-semitic for making a video about jews sending death threats to an atheist. His argument was basically that when you don't focus on deaths in the name of Islam, you are okay with it. He also conveniently forgot that Kyle does videos about crazy Muslims killing people all the fucking time.


When G-Man became the Chocolate Atheist, Livelife8072 immediately called bullshit while many of his atheist brethren jumped in excitement that G-Man "deconverted." Various atheist YouTubers objected to his way of reacting to being right. One of the people who disagreed with Livelife was EssenceofThought.

The Skeptic Fence Show

Skeptic Fence is a non-profit Atheist podcast that is relatively popular with the Skeptic/Atheist community. It was started in late 2011 by Livelife8072 himself. Creationist Cat has appeared on the Show as a guest. The show is mostly shit, but luckily, it is saved by C0ct0pusPrime, another atheist YouTuber named TJ, who was added as a host in 2013. That is, until C0ct0pus left the show in late 2015 after being fed up with Livelife8072's constant idiocy. With C0ct0pus gone, the show went from being mostly shit, to just plain shit. 

Other guests include popular atheists such as Lawrence Krauss and David Silverman.



  • He is the founder of the Skeptic Fence Show.
  • He loves sucking Devon Tracey's cock.
  • He has begged to be on the show.
  • The guy sees SJWs literally fucking everywhere. The irony is that he's not even all that different from them, seeing everyone as an enemy of his "ideology" if they don't agree with him on every little thing.
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