A compilation of all the games played on DP's gaming channel, RAGE FEED.

Star Trek Online

This game was the most played game on RAGE FEED and is Ben's favorite game of all time. It is a boring MMORPG with repetitive gameplay and a seemingly nonexistent story. It's a dull game for dull people, like Ben.

Star Wars The Old Republic

By far the most requested game they ever played, SWTOR is an MMORPG like Star Trek Online, except it has an engaging story about cold war between The Jedi & Republic, and the Second Sith Empire. Taking place in 3,650s BBY, it is a follow up to the critically acclaimed Knights of the Republic II, which is a sequel to an even more critically acclaimed Knights of the Old Republic.

South Park: The Stick of Truth

This game is a side scrolling RPG with a wild and confusing story about the South Park kids LARPing and then it gets impossible to explain or follow. Exploration of the world is fun and interesting, but combat is repetitive. The game features trademark South Park humor (aka Satire).

Super Metroid

A classic game with an iconic character that is well known for starting off good, and then turning into absolute shit by the time of Metroid: Other M.

Eight Eyes

Some stupid piece of shit game nobody gives enough of a fuck about for there to be any info of it on this wiki.

Heroes of the Storm

A fun, but repetitive game in the style of League of Legends, KaceyTron is known to have played this before, which is an automatic sign of quality entertainment.

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