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"Chris Kirk Patrick, you can get your ass kicked Worse than them little Limp Bizkit bastards"


Limp Bizkit is the greatest band in the universe and is loved by the Drunken Peasants, This band was the best that 90's had to offer.Limp Bizkit is a million times better than that faggot shitty band called Nirvana. When Kirk Cobain found out about Limp Bizkit, he shot himself in the face in pure shame knowing that he will never be as good as Fred Durst. The bands lineup consists of Fred Durst (singer), John Otto (Drums), Sam Rivers (Bass), and Wes Borland (Guitar)


The band comes from the penis of the United States known as Florida. This amazing band jizzed on to the scene from Jacksonville, Florida. The bands name was greatly influenced by a game of Soggy Biscuits (AKA Limp Biscuit) played by the band itself. The game is played by a group of men standing around a biscuit naked. All the men have to jerk off on the biscuit and whoever jizzes last must eat the biscuit. Fred Durst was the one who lost and he ate the delicious sperm filled biscuit. Little did he know that he became pregnant from eating the biscuit an gave birth to Josh Feuerstein through his butt hole.


The Drunken Peasants are great fans of Limp Bizkit (both the band and the game). They reference the band often when Josh Fuckstein is on. The Drunken Peasants also play the game of Soggy Biscuit every weekend, but instead of using biscuits, they use bananas and eggs.


"I will skin yo ass raw with a chainsaw"- Fred Durst thinks he is Leatherface from Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

"Its my way, its my way, my way or the highway"- Fred Durst thinks he is a Reservoir Dog.


  • Soggy is actually a game played in male British private Schools.
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