The Shitty 2000 Version


Left behind is a film based on a book of religious propaganda about the rapture. The movie stars Kirk Cameron as the evil atheist who has no morals until the rapture happens and then realizes the error of his ways. There is also some subplot about Satan taking over the government. The film was panned by critics, but was praised by plenty of brainwashed Christians. The movie spawned 2 sequels and a reboot in 2014.

The Infinitely Shittier 2014 Version

File:TJ Reviews Left Behind
The 2014 reboot is basically an airplane movie with the rapture thrown right into it. The film stars Nicholas Cage in his most dreadfully boring role ever. The movie is as less interesting than watching paint dry. The movie was nominated for a Razzie for worst picture but lost to Kirk Cameron's Saving Christmas. TJ Kirk, the Bible Reloaded, and Armoured Skeptic have all done in-depth reviews of the film.
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