Lawrence Maxwell Krauss (born May 27, 1954) is an American theoretical physicist, cosmologist, atheism activist, and ass-kicker of fundies (especially Muslims). He is close friends with Richard Dawkins and the late Christopher Hitchens. He has written several books such as A Universe from Nothing and The Physics of Star Trek. Krauss also really fucking hates the movie Interstellar[1].


In Episode 55 (somebody make the page for this episode, por favor), Gay Cumfart and his evangelical butt buddies argued against Krauss' book A Universe From Nothing by claiming that a universe can't come from nothing without even understanding what the word "nothing" even fucking means in from a physics perspective.

Comfort and his fundies then make the classic "prime mover" argument claiming that God had to have created everything, which doesn't even explain where God even came from in the first place. Comfort even went as low as to compare Lawrence Krauss to Adolf Hitler.


Atheist vs Islam Debate

Lawrence Krauss once had a "debate" with Islamic "scholar" Hamza Tzortzis. Before the debate had begun, Krauss had refused to start until men and women were allowed to sit together in the audience. He waited out until they finally agreed to comply with Krauss' totally "outrageous" terms. The event was hosted by Muslims, right before they started their debate they had their little circlejerk to Allah and Muhammad.

Tl;dr Hamza's arguments were just a bunch of logical fallacies and sophistry to justify his shitty desert religion, meanwhile Krauss actually argued using science, reason, and philosophical points to argue in favor of atheism. At some point, Hamza asks Krauss the question "Why incest is wrong." as if it is a fact, only for Krauss to reply saying that it isn't clear to him that incest is wrong from a rational point of view[2]. The Muslims then go ape-shit before Krauss even has time to explain himself saying that there is a biological issue with incest because of the potential inverse effects of inbreeding.

After the "debate" that irritated the living shit out of Krauss, our favorite sperm drinker Dawah Man appeared and pursued Krauss even though he was done with the debate. Dawah Man proves himself to be the biggest douchebag by yelling at Krauss over and over again until he finally stopped for a second to listen to Dawah's "questions" that really were a bunch of statements about how he thinks Krauss doesn't know shit about physics and that Hamza won the debate without even explaining why.


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