Kyle is TJ's ex-boyfriend. They dated for several months in 2014, resulting in TJ's divorce from his wife after realizing he had a greater compatibility with Kyle.


Their relationship eventually ended on Saturday, November 15th of 2014 when TJ visited Kyle at his parent's house in Kentucky where his mother and step-father conspired to break the two apart. The reason for this was because they blamed TJ for Kyle developing mental health problems (notably schizoaffective disorder and depression) during the time they began dating, and for "grooming" his sexual fetishes.

TJ was reunited with Kyle as planned and his parents played along until they managed to get TJ and Kyle's step-father alone in the house whereupon the latter forced TJ off the premises at gunpoint, calling him "cannibalistic" which most likely refers to TJ's fetish for being eaten. Following the incident, TJ contacted Kyle's mother in hopes of returning Kyle's belongings as well as recollecting his own. It was in her responses that TJ realized Kyle's family was batshit crazy.


Kyle made his only appearance on the Drunken Peasants Podcast to date in part 3 of the Gluttony Trips.


  • TJ has spoken to Kyle since their separation.
  • Kyle is a pre-operative transman, but most of his family apparently still refers to him with female pronouns.
  • Kyle is aged around 22-23.
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