Kizzume Fowler (born Brandon James Fowler on March 13, 1973) is a fat smelly hippie with a beard who enjoys gaining weight for sexual fulfilment. What would have made a very successful recording artist or shopping mall Santa, he instead spends his days regularly posting videos discussing serious issues or random things while showing off his juicylicious mantits that steal away his audience's attention and breath.

He's a fan of The Amazing Atheist, but hates DP so much that if it were a cake he still wouldn't eat it.


Kizzume's video response to TJ was featured in Episode 209.



  • His name is pronounced "Kih-Zoom" not "Kih-Zu-May", Paul.
  • He finds "natural musk" sexually arousing.
  • He legally changed his name to "Kizzume", which is an ananym of "music" if music were spelt "emuzzik".
  • He has videos on XTube. Just factor that for a second.
  • His brother's an asshole pan smoker.
  • He is known as "The Great Kazoo" by Jim Ass.
  • He is the narrator for Jim Can't Swim.
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