Kenyanism is a parody term made by the Drunken Peasants. It combines their common use of words like "Communism" to refer to Barack Obama's ironically conservative cabinet, and the infamous claims that he was secretly born in Kenya.


Kenyanism is a sociopolitical movement that originated in suspicion regarding the validity of President Barack Obama's birth certificate. It slowly accreted other dogma. Kenyanists now believe other tenets, such as widespread misinformation about the ratio of the volume of Ben's anus to the volume of Ben's rectum.

Kenyanism grew out of the city of Panrobi, Kenya in late 2011, gaining traction in response to banana shortages caused by TJ.


Kenyanism's basic premise is the eternal struggle of anus and suna, the two opposing forces in society. Kenyanism argues that the way of the anus is false and a corporate fiction. It is a collectivist ideology, that seeks to unify the various social and class antagonisms that exist in modern society. Contemporary kenyanism is notable for its rejection of the constitution, liberty, good things and America. While kenyanism can be interpreted as barely a sociopolitical movement, many consider it to be a religion as well. It advocates for the abolition of secularism, accompanied by an extreme cult of personality.

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