Kate Brooks is a professional debater from England. She appeared on episode 145 talking about censorship and freedom of speech. However, it turns out she didn't mean what she said, she was just hired to say it since she's a professional debater.

Response to the dP Wiki

On November 26th, 2015, Sargon of Akkad had a livestream with her, where she mentioned her old wiki page. She bitched about how people she knows could find the page and see what was written about her.


Kate Brooks is the embodiment of a spastic mammoth. She has dark brown hair that hangs to her shoulders, an unfathomably large mouth, and is large enough to be able to support the weight of her half-ass debate "skills". She is commonly found wearing clothes from 8th century Ancient Greece. Her mouth has been stretched out to its current length by repeatedly spewing crap out of it and, in perpetual motion, bringing whoppers in.

While in public, you may be able to notice a mass of dead bodies around her location. Being in her presence for longer then 30 minutes will usually result in a person near her killing themselves. She actually enjoys the smell of the rotting corpses, so will occasionally be seen following her prey, ranting about politics and the personal difficulties of being a woman.

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