Jonathan Anthony Banville (jezuzfreek777) is a Christian YouTuber who has somehow gained over 13,000 subscribers on his channel despite making videos as exciting as a cardboard box. He often makes videos arguing against Atheism and has made multiple video responses to The Amazing Racist during his early years. He is also a wrestler in the Christian Wrestling Federation.[1] He serves as one of TJ's oldest adversaries.


He was featured several years later on the Drunken Peasants Podcast in Episode 88 when they viewed a video of his comparing pornography to prostitution.

A video of his libertarian brother was played in episode 161.



Jezuzfreek even created his own spoof character of TJ, cleverly crafted using a blond wig, cushions to stimulate TJ's sexy build and a Texan accent for some reason.

TJ also made a pwnage video on him and lamented on how boring he found him.


  • JezuzFreek is under the false assumption that Applebee's is a local chain.
  • He once did something quite disturbing by impaling his finger with a nail and letting it bleed to set up his argument.


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