The Jenny McDermott Saga refers to a feud between Jenny McDermott and The Drunken Peasants.


Although always a lingering nuisance in the eyes of the peasants, Jenny's stupidity was on the rise starting around fall of 2015. Her most recent controversies including mocking the son of a deceased cancer patient, accusing Armoured Skeptic of virtual rape, and harassing Sargon of Akkad for supposed anti-semitism.

While Jenny views TJ as the bane of her pointless existence (second to Thunderf00t), TJ cares very little about her, though tends to talk about her with massive contempt due to her idiocy, scumbagery, dishonesty and horsefacedness.


  • One of this wiki's admins is obsessed with her and documents every moment of her pathetic life.
  • Despite being an antagonist, she follows the show and wiki on Twitter.
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