Jennifer Kelly McDermott (or just Jenny McDoormat) is a former crack whore turned feminist shrew and histrionic fuckwit who's notorious for attacking popular atheist YouTubers in a desperate bid to get noticed. She often accuses them of being Men's Rights Activists who use their large subscriber bases to attack women, while deeming most criticism against Anita Sarkeesian as mere conspiracy theories. She currently lives totally divorced from reality on the coast of San Diego with nobody but her birds, her dog and the voices in her head.


Jenny is a talentless fishwife who struggles to form sentences without using the word "harassment" which she claims she gets for being an outspoken woman and has zero to do with the fact that she's a repugnant banshee who depends on e-drama to validate her existence. She is narcissistic to the point that she calls others hillbillies, but is dumber than the pounds of makeup she uses to hide the years of substance abuse and broken dreams. She defends her behavior as "just disagreeing"; such disagreements include threatening to DMCA the Drunken Peasants, using Thunderf00t's dying father to score points, accusing the Armoured Skeptic of trying to fuck her, and backing a letter-writing campaign to have Thunderf00t silenced. She even pleaded with the mainstream media to make herself a voice for women, posted a half-naked selfie of herself to 8Chan, and even said herself that YouTube can be improved by stirring up more drama. Anyway, she's totally not an attention whore.

On Youtube

She runs her own YouTube channel where she posts videos as enjoyable as smashing a light bulb against your face and rubbing the shards deep into your eyeballs. She also occasionally anchors The Infidel on Atheism TV and had a three-week stint on SecularTv which ended following the DMCA incident.


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