Jenny McCarthy is a vapid and reprehensible bitch an intelligent and worldly woman who employs logic and reason to reveal the dangers of vaccination. She's a former Playboy model whose boobs are actually full of grey matter and not silicon. The only deaths she's responsible for are from people getting heart attacks by jerking off to her, not from being the habitually-botoxed face of the anti-vaccination movement.

McCarthy started her heroic journey after vaccinations triggered some SJWs her son's autism. Even though it may of later appeared that he was misdiagnosed, he was really cured of the autism by God to reward Jenny for her righteous crusade.

On Drunken Peasants

McCarthy was featured in a CNN report on episode 78 of The Drunken Peasants which focused on the bullshit measles outbreak.

TJ also once confused her for a spineless cunt in Episode 82.

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