Jamaica is a Caribbean nation where people like to smoke weed, hang out, and rape lesbians to make them straight.[1] It is known in popular culture as a very relaxed place. Jamaica is a very popular tourist destination, and nearly every Caribbean cruise stops at this beautiful island. Also, they rape lesbians to make them straight.[2] It is considered a cannabis haven for all fans of Drunken Peasants.

This small nation of just under 3 million enjoys a very laid back lifestyle. The weather is comfortably warm all year, the beaches are safe and scenic, and they rape lesbians to make them straight.[3]


  • Patois is the most common language on the island, while English the language of the government.
  • The Brits formerly colonized the island but gave it up because they stopped caring.
  • Smoking pan every day is mandatory. Non-smokers are thrown off the island or correctively raped.
  • Christianity is the largest religion on the island.
  • They rape lesbians to make them straight.[4]
  • The former two pieces of trivia have zero correlation.
  • Some Americans smuggle guns to Jamaica.


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