Italy is a primarily Catholic nation (not real Christianity according to expert theologians like G Man) in southern Europe. It is where pizza and pasta come from, also the mob. In May 2015, the Drunken Peasants themselves visited the nation while on their Europe trip.

The pope has an enclave in the middle of the capital where he molests children with his fuckbuddies so he won't get in trouble with the Italian government.

During World War 2, they were allies with Nazi Germany. At this time, Italy was under control by Benito Mussolini. But eventually the Italians were fed up with Mussolini and they proceeded to put a few rounds into him, then had his corpse hung upside down in a square.


  • The Native languages there are Italian, Slovenian but mostly Hysterical Handwaving.
  • The people in the north are tall and white, and the people in the south are short and tan.
  • According to TJ, all Italians are greasy.


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