"Islam is the most bloody stupid fucking religion, followed by towel-head idiots all around the globe"
- Thomas James Kirk III [1]
Islam, also known as Iswrong, Jizzlam or Third-wave Feminism, is the most violent, homophobic, sexist, and regressive peaceful and progressive religion in existence. Islam is the religion of the sand-níggers. It has been led by Dawah Man, the leader of ISIS, since 2014. Islam kills about 50 billion infidels each year, yet the world is still not rid of the unfaithful assholes. Members include Osama Bin Laden, Ahmed Mohamed, and almost every terrorist group ever the most peaceful, progressive liberals ever. The Foundational Text of Jizzlam is The Noble Qu'ran which is the third book of the fantasy series; The Desert Quadrilogy.


Islam was founded by a pedophile who was in a cave making bombs when he heard an angel from Allah spoke to him while he was high on pan. He told him to invade any land (cause fuck you, that's why) and punish any atheist, homosexual, non-hijab wearing woman or infidel you find, you can either decapitate, torture, stone, rape, or extort money from; but be peaceful about it. So he did and he spread the religion of Islam to some shithole. After that, he married a child. Allah then published the Quran, also known as The Craan or The Crayon, the holiest book ever.


Islam has about 1.5 billion members worldwide. It continues to be a dangerous ideology that leads to several terrorist groups and attacks like 9/11. Ironically many Christian and/or conservatives acknowledge its harmful doctrines, while some liberals defend it because of their white guilt or something.

Muslim Santa Claus

This is Muslim Santa Claus if you've been a naughty boy or girl he doesn't leave you coal, rather hydrogen explosives.


  • Desperate and untalented Witty and clever folks refer to Islam as Jizzlam or Iswrong because it's here at Drunken Peasants you'll find sophisticated humor.
  • The Religion of Peas is also said to be the fastest growing religion, but we all know Jebbus is winning the Gawd Game.
  • Anyone who isn't a Muslim drinks sperm (except Dawah Man; he drinks sperm)
  • Muslim men look like their wives 99% of the time.
  • Their book the Qu'''''''''''''RAN is the most peaceful book of all time and anyone who says otherwise is a privileged racist piece of shit.
  • Any criticism of this religion can be hand-waved away by just calling that person "Iz-lama-fol-bik". It works every time, just ask Steve Shives.
  • They really fucking hate the French probably more than the English.
  • Within the Quran, there are talking trees, ants, rocks, and food
  • Prophet Mohammed liked French kissing kids.
  • Mohammed. Piss be upon him


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