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Infidel Avenger is a YouTuber and all-around asshole.


In December 2014, Infidel Avenger made a video criticizing Thunderf00t's views on The Holocaust and Wehrmacht. During the Video Infidel accused Thunderf00t of being a "Nazi denier" (whatever the fuck that means).

Thunderf00t responded by tearing his video a new one and humiliating his sorry ass for being the retard he is.


Infidel Avengers appeared on DP shortly after he decided to white knight for Anita Sarkeesian after the AnitaGate 2015. Despite trying to appear neutral, his true, idiotic, views showed what he truly felt.

He went on DP several times before being dropped due to him being a boring fuck.


  • "You know I want people to understand, yes the capitalists who won World War 1 and World War 2, the British, the French and the Americans, in many ways they were no better morally than the Nazis and Communists they beat"- His piss poor grasp at history.
  • "This is why Thunderf00t I can't wait for the white men at the top of the atheist community, the four horsemen and the people like you and Pat Condell, I can't wait for you guys to hurry up and pass away so that more women and non whites can take their proper seat at the table"


  • He's so fucking boring nobody wants to finish this article
  • He helped write TJ's Encyclopedia Dramatica page
  • He's the least attractive man in the world.
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