The Islamic State, stylized as ISIS (Is Some Imaginary Shit), is an organization of dirty fucking sand niggers that hate America. They want to ban Christianity and mandate homosexuality Islamic Prayer. ISIS seeks to deprive us of our freeeedumz and slaughter white, Christian men and rape white, Christian women.

ISIS is led by Satan, Osama bin Laden, Barack HUSSAIN Obama, and Dawah Man. It is the successor to al-Qaeda and is planning the sequel of 9/11, called 9/12: Muhammad Strikes Back.

According to valid sources, such as Glenn Beck and Wild Bill, they have the capacity to invade and conquer America as well as cause World War 3, rendering the planet into a devoid wasteland. Fox News has confirmed these claims, and suspect that Obama is supplying them with nuclear arms. ISIS already has training camps in the United States. TJ Kirk was a member of ISIS for a brief period. They may also have recruited stars to help in their jihad.[1]


ISIS is a frequent topic on the show during the news segment. During Episode 191, the peasants discussed ISIS threatening the UK with a "dirty bomb."


  • ISIS helped fund the bioengineering of ISISbola.
  • ISIS is actually a satire by Jenny McDermott.
  • They talked Shit about Neutral Milk Hotel
  • ISIS is a fictional Organization from the Fantasy-Drama TV Show "Smallville" (seriously Google it)


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