Howard Stern is a radio talk show host born in Jackson Heights, New York City, New York. He used to be pretty funny, getting guests on the show and asking them crazy questions like how many chicks have you fucked back in the day. Now he's a lowlife who panders to SJWs and doesn't understand the concept of podcasts because he's living in the past. TJ and Paul have lost respect for Stern.


Howard has been mention several time on the podcast. Mostly concerning the recent dip in quality Stern's show has been suffering. Ben and TJ also reminisce about the good ol' days when Howard was actually funny.

The peasants also discussed Howard's distaste of podcasts. This is a clear demonstration that Howard hasn't evolved as an entertainer and is out of touch with the current state of american culture.

Private Parts

Howard once starred in a biographical movie about his rise to fame as a radio personality, and the struggles he faced having to deal with a bunch of uptight assholes in suits.

Even out of context, the movie was pretty great. And when you look back at it now, it really shows you how far he has truly fallen.

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