The line is an excerpt from Second Glance, a Christian homosexual pornography film directed by Adolf Hitler and TJ. The quote is said when Scotty caused Gail Chord Schuler to climax. Gail exclaimed the aphorism, and it immediately became a favorite of the Peasants. In May 2015, TJ was beaten to death by YouTube for using the 4 second clip.

Please note, if you upload a "Hey Scotty, Jesus Man!" parody to YouTube, you may get a strike on your channel.

Fan Adaptation

Fans have created many videos adapting the Hey Scotty meme, often replacing the "Jesus, man" portion of the line with something humorous. Humorous clips inserted into Hey Scotty videos include a man slipping on a banana, knock knock jokes, and the brutal slaughter of an entire Aboriginal tribe by a mining company. A pet peeve of the peasants is when the parody creators forget the iconic jingle at the end.

Many videos of the clip & parodies of it were taken down on YouTube by a total douchebag. The channels that had the videos received a strike (execution). One of the most prolific creators of Hey Scotty videos ever since is Drunken Pheasants, a channel that originally intended to deceive (and potentially rape) Skype callers as a prank. The Drunken Pheasants is run by Toe Head and the starving Laotian children he molests at gunpoint.


Scotty said that he would allow Hey Scottys to be shown, but only if they were funny and properly blamed Jews for all human misfortune.

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