Hemant Mehta (also known as the Friendly Atheist) is an atheist who fucking hates Dusty. He was formerly a Jainist before becoming atheist. He is famous for selling his soul on eBay. He runs a blog and a semi-popular YouTube channel named The Atheist Voice. His name suggests that he is a capitulating pussy who likes to take it up the butt from political correctness, although he's not completely PC. Despite being a pretty decent guy and reasonably good YouTuber, Mehta is very pussified in his nature, most notably in his vocabulary, which is devoid of 'bad' words such as: Fuck, cum guzzler, nigga, shit, fag8, which are used almost never. He also once mentioned he's a high-school math teacher, so this might be a reason why he's so restrained and pussified.  

File:9 Things Atheists Should STOP Saying
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