File:Heaven is NOT For Real

Heaven Is For Real is a shit film released in 2014. This emotionally manipulative piece of Christian propaganda based on a book based loosely on a "true" story tried to comfort people about the afterlife. This was just because a kid named Cunton Burpo said he went to heaven and saw his gwampy. Even though this claim has been refuted to death, people still believe he was telling the truth. The film received mixed reviews from critics (dammit critic, be more critical next time).

Despite this, there is actually a heaven... Not!

Relation to the Peasants

Several people that were guests on DP, like CultOfDusty, have made videos related to it. Not only that, but a conversation between the scam-artist author and a doctor was featured on an episode of DP.


  • According to the book, Jesus moved, "like an elevator".
  • According to this book, there are also magical ponies in heaven. Hmmmm...
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