Germany is a nation in Europe that is known for its tits and beer in the month of October. Germany is also well known for crazy pornography. They also had a wall in the capital, Berlin, to separate the good side from the bad side, which was torn in the the 1980's by Ronald Reagan.

When Adolf Hitler was in power in the 1930's, the country got into some trouble. However, after Hitler retired in 1945, they became an evil socialist nation.


Scotty Kirk was Hitler's apprentice and lover for many years, and he adopted many of Hitler's fascist ideologies. Scotty eventually moved back to America, but he is still very fond of Germany.

TJ has stated that he is only fat because he was separated from Germany. While saying this, he shoveled a dozen Twinkies into his mouth and then got up to search for a box of Oreos.


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