Gad Saad is a Lesbian-Canadian professor and behavioral scientist. He is possibly best known for his work studying the effects of evolutionary psychology on consumer culture, and for taking full advantage of the pun-centered potential of his name.

Gad Saad is also a psychic Jew who specializes in mind control, pan smoking and hosting rave mad parties with topless bitches and booze. He also has a special relationship with Sam Harris that involves kissing Gad's hand. He has been on the Joe Rogan show. Did I mention that he is Jewish? Cause he is.


Gad Saad joins the drunken peasants on episode 159. He mind controls (using his psychic powers) the peasants into agreeing with everything that Gad says. The peasants and Gad go on to talk about feminism, human nature, and SJWs. If you assumed that he was one of the most popular guests DP has had, you gad it right.


  • The Bible misspelled Gad's name.
  • He's smarter than you. Unless you're Thunderf00t, in which case maybe not.
  • He has psychic abilities, he vows to try and use them for good. He hasn't been successful in his vow.
  • He is The Gadfather.
  • He is ethnically Jewish, but not practicing, because why would you keep kosher when you can have bacon? Also why believe in the Abrahamic God when you have a functional brain?
  • He considers Anita Sarkeesian's work particularly shoddy in regards to content analysis. He also considers her a "faux-feminist" and has compared her to the likes of Ayaan Hirsi Ali, someone who actually speaks out against real violence against women.

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