G man (Gary Moore) is a Christian Fundamentalist who mostly posts videos of his debates with atheists and discussions with his Christian friends. G man also makes Godawful and vapid profoundly insightful Rap videos destroying every single unfaithful asshole on Earth. The atheist community percieves G-man as a ludicrous joke due to his childlike reasoning abilities, condescending attitudes, deranged morality, and sheer stupidity. According to G man: Catholicism isn't a real denomination of Christianity even though Catholicism is one of the earliest denominations of Christianity ever since the death of Christ. G man is part of an organization called the Masters of Stupidity.

Gman Drama Shanny ForChrist Evicting Him!!!

Gman Drama Shanny ForChrist Evicting Him!!!

Blatant Hypocrisy and Logic Gaps

As said earlier, G Man possesses a questionable morality. In a stroke of Irony, he justifies slavery because the Bible endorses the ownership of slaves despite opposing the Atlantic Slave Trade. G man also thinks Catholics aren't real Christians. He also denies the fact that there are starving children in the world. G man even once declared that racists and atheists should be stoned to death. G Man is also the king of the No-True-Scotsman Fallacy.

On Drunken Peasants

G man has debated and interviewed the Drunken Peasants multiple times and has even participated in a debate with Dusty Smith. G Man Frequently interrupts the other speakers and almost (if not) always present mind-fuckingly dog-shit arguments whenever he gets invited on the show.


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