Rain Florence, also known as the Frutarian Breastfeeder or The Living Woman is a self-professed "breastfeeding raw vegan hippie" living in Ecuador. She is rumored to be the ex-wife of Johnny Merril.


She is a raw frutarian, meaning her entire diet consists purely of fruits, nuts and seeds. She is a supporter of enemas and urinotherapy, and spends most of her free time rubbing fruits all over her vegan body and parading her vegan tits for everybody to see. She has an extensive experience with sexual intercourse with fruit, reportedly inspiring TJ to fuck a banana himself.

She has a 4-year old feral albino son named Bubba, whom she breastfeeds several times every day. Most of her videos consist exclusively of Bubba creepily suckling on her milky teats.


She was featured three times on the show's Troll or Not a Troll segment, first on the Episode 153, where she gave herself a rich coffee enema, second time on the Episode 168, where she talked about pouring honey all over her hairy vegan vagina, and for the third time on the Episode 173, where she drank her own piss.

The peasants continually label her as a troll, however she is 100% genuine.


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