Frankie MacDonald, as known as The Weather Guy, is a Canadian weatherman from Sydney, Nova Scotia. He was one of the first to announce the nor'easter hitting the New England area, saving trillions of lives.


Frankie was first featured on Episode 78 and made his second appearance on Episode 79. Ben and TJ think he is entertaining, but Scotty hates him.

Dancing Career

Frankie has been dancing for 3 years and has already been named one of the best dancers of this century by the great dictators Joseph Stalin and Adolf Hitler.


  • He says Nova Scotia is hilarious.
  • He is the official Drunken Peasants weather reporter.
  • He is engaged to MasterOFSchnitzel. Master's penis has been erect ever since that glorious moment.
  • He has a gap in his teeth and he loves the weather. He lives in the same area as The Beast. Hopefully he's not a pedophile as well.
  • He often screams the weather, which is his gimmick.


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