France, officially the French Republic, is an atheist state/rising Muslim country caliphate found in western Europe. Its capital was formerly known as Paristan until the good old white folk started beheading the filthy Muslims and retook their country, they then restored the name of the city to Paris. Sadly, Muslims are starting to take over again by rioting and setting up their own communities.


French people smell bad, but it's okay because they make good bread and cheese. France used to own a lot of modern-day Africa and Canada, but the Brits "made" them surrender the land. Probably the smartest move that has ever been made in the history of international politics. France has produced beautiful people like Napoleon, but also fucking idiots like Charles De Gaulle and the ancestors of The Vigilant Christian.


The Drunken Peasants visited France on their trip. The peasants had a pleasant experience as they did not visit the areas inhabited by filthy Muslim jihadis.

European 9/11

French people were jealous of America's best day ever. They tried to have their very own 9/11, except they pussied out and crashed it into a piece of rock in the middle of nowhere.

Second European 9/11

In November, ISIS attacked the capital city of Paris and bombed multiple locations. Not being pussies, ISIS claimed responsibility for the attacks.


  • France recently voted to ban anorexic ass bitches from being models. The Patriarchy in action, folks.
  • They still have some territories left around the world from when they were actually relevant to the world's politics. Proving they're more competent at modern colonialism than the fuckups in the United Kingdom.
  • Their constitution establishes it as a secular and democratic nation, which the Muslims are slowly trying to destroy.
  • One of France's most famous leaders was the despot, Napoleon Bonaparte. Napoleon was essentially Diet Hitler.
  • French remains an official language in over 29 different countries.
  • The French invented body odor in 1803. It was originally a bio-weapon against their royal class.

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