"Florida is a fucking shithole police state riddled with crime and idiocy and everyone there are inbred morons" -TJ Kirk
Florida is a state in good ol' America. In the southern part of the state, dirty people from Cuba infest the land. In the north, good clean white people and blacksters inhabit the land. All of Florida is literally a giant swamp covered with blacklot. Their governor is some bald creepy fuck.


It is home to a lot of crazy people who have been played on the show, like Gail Chord Schuler and Wild Bill. Florida once had a chance at legalizing medicinal pan, but even though the majority voted yes, the vote didn't pass. The moral of the story is that Florida is a shithole.


  • If Ohio is the armpit of America, Florida would be the cock and balls.
  • The only good thing about global warming is that the rising sea levels will eventually cover all of Florida, finally making America great again.
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