"God is Objectively not real"
---Showing that he is an Athiest "Not worth his salt"

Floating Head is a narcissistic imbecile who challenged TJ's video on subjective morality. Floating head's response was featured on Episode 247, and is probably one of the most rage-inducing videos ever played (Easily up there with Butt King). His condescending tone rivals that of Onision and his intelligence may be below that of any creationist nitwit played on DP. He stated that philosophy is the proof of Objective morality, which proves his complete ignorance.

First Appearance

In episode 247, Floating Head's video was played. It seemed to start off as a normal video, just badly criticizing TJ's video on objective morality. He called TJ a hypocrite for not getting to the point when TJ said "Hello everyone, and welcome back to another video!" and then going off on a tangent about how weird that sentence was. In reality, floating head just totally fucking missed that TJ was already digging into the comic. His lack of intelligence was peaked into when he called TJ "a representative of Atheism, despite nobody electing TJ, nor TJ ever claiming to be one. He then held TJ to the fucking impossible standard of being Dead Correct on everything he says. Then he says he has proof of objective morality but waits to tell everyone of this breakthrough. Long story short, basically his own subjective thoughts and opinions are supposedly the Objective truth. His only evidence is "philosophy" and nothing more. He keeps repeating himself until the peasants scream at the top of their lungs

Second Appearance

His second Appearance wasn't as near as good. He began defending Objective morality poorly again and let it slip that he was a vegan. His veganism probably explains his immense narcissism, defense of Objective morality, and fucking pale ass skin.


  • He made TJ pause his own video, which is an impressive feat.
  • He is probably the dumbest and most condescending guest at the same time
  • TJ would laugh if he heard this dude got hit by a bus.
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