Fish Head (aka Jack) is one of many cringe-worthy patreon guests who nearly ruined the 100th Episode Special. Fish Head had no personality or any desirable traits to offer to the show besides being a fish head on a human body with an obnoxious Australian accent and engaging in the most awkward conversations with the Drunken Peasants.

On Drunken Peasants

On Episode 100, Paul and the peasants basically mocked him the entire show, fitting for a waste of space like himself. Thankfully, the peasants kicked him off when they realized that he was detrimental to the show and since then has not made another appearance again. Gail Chord Schuler has mentioned Fish Head in a conversation about Jesuits on Twitter.



  • Fish Head fucking sucks.
  • He serves as an unfunny counterpart to Jim Ass.
  • Seriously, he fucking sucked shit.
  • This Homosexual made sweet love to his own colon in 2015.
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